The Mid Season Premiere of Walking Dead has Characters..

Epic Season six start for Walking Dead Characters

The characters in the best show on television; The Walking Dead were absolutely taking no prisoners during the first show of season six of the most popular show on cable television: The Walking Dead. Even the show’s 4 minute preview was kick-butt. Check it out here.

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Listen, during one point within the few minutes of the show starting, I knew that we were taking no prisoners going forward. Two words: Grenade launcher! WTF!! Are we serious?! I remember asking myself how my group of heroes was going to get out of this one. I also was thinking about how the producers of the Walking Dead were making such a big deal telling us that people we loved were going to die.

How many times during the show were we thinking “oh no they’re going to die!” It was excrutiatingly awesome!

While trying to escape the walker horde, a frightened Sam panics and the consequences are costly.

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For goodness sake! Can’t rick catch a break?! Why does the most heroic and daring of us have to deal with so much pain on a regular basis. That’s twice that he has almost lost Carl. And Carl’s no idiot, he’s a strong person. He’s grown up into quite the man. But after this event, after getting his eye blown out, the talk we’re hearing is all about the new post-apocalyptic Carl. Post “Eye-patch” Carl.

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And while this is both scary and incredibly shocking when it comes to losing our young Carl, it’s also interesting to think of how this new Carl will evolve.

But what about our beloved Jessie!? Can Rick not have a love interest? (Maybe one coming up). We were looking forward to having Rick and Jessie hookup for some time and potentially start a new family (no not babies).  But that didn’t happen I guess.

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Such a tragic loss of a fantastic character. We would have loved to have seen her stay on and maybe heal rick up a bit. Might have been a little time to ease up on our characters. Give them some respite until Negan. But alas.. such as existence in the walking dead universe. No one is ever really safe. For more visit this kick-butt Walking Dead site focused on its characters. And maybe pick something up in their cool shop.